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“We have partnered with MediaBlitzz for numerous media,
entertainment and technology campaigns and they have
consistently delivered on strategy, service, & outcomes
beyond expectations. They understand Hollywood and
Silicon Valley and how to effectively bridge both worlds.

Kevin Stein
HBO, CBS, King World
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“I’ve learned a ton from working with MediaBlitzz and highly
recommend engaging them for strategic planning and execution.”

Matt Hanover
Senior Director of Content Strategy - Yahoo!
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“I was blown away at how much MediaBlitzz helped us,
especially for such a reasonable price.”

Travis Romero
Co-Creator of USA Network’s White Collar
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“Usually, it’s true that in business you get what you pay for.
In the case of MediaBlitzz, you get so much more than you pay for.”

Wendy Keller
Top Literary Agent & Author
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“Most so-called Internet Marketing experts are just glorified web designers.
Ryan at MediaBlitzz is a true marketing strategist. His versatility has helped
me focus on what I needed for much higher traffic and conversions.”

George Silverman
Best Selling Author - The Secrets of Word of Mouth Marketing