Launch Strategy

Are You Ready To Launch? Probably not.

We have been creating launch plans since 1996 and if you are like most people, you either don’t have a proven launch strategy or the strategy you have is missing some important pieces. Whether you are launching a movie, a book, a product or a recording artist, we can make your launch successful by creating a custom strategy built on years of practical and proven experience.

Launch Plans

Here’s how we can help:


Step 1: Determine your goals and objectives.

First we help you define and refine your overall goals and objectives so we can determine the most important things you want your visitors, viewers and fans to to do so that everything we do supports that.

Step 2: Find your hidden resources.

There are probably assets you already have that can send you additional viewers, visitors and fans that you aren’t even aware of. We will help you identify those hidden resources so we can “put them to work.”If you already have a website and social media presence, we will perform an in-depth analysis to identify simple changes we can make to improve your results. We also review your market and your competitors so that we can help identify opportunities you probably haven’t thought of.

Step 3: Create an action plan & launch!

Finally we create a detailed action plan that we will review with you so that you are completely clear about every step of your launch strategy. We will also create a launch calendar that includes your success benchmarks, goals and objectives. After you have approved the action plan we will launch your campaign.

Throughout your campaign we will keep you informed of the progress through a combination of weekly and monthly reports, status update calls and online analytics. You will also have unlimited access to a dedicated launch manager.Each campaign that we create is as unique as the client that we are creating it for. We treat each and every client’s campaign as if it were our own. Let us help you find the best possible launch strategy for your goals, timeframe and budget.

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     Michael Biehn – The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Tombstone

Discover Your Best Possible Launch Plan.